Kids Class


Tuesdays and Thursday 

5- 6pm


A great way to combat the risks of being physically inactive, is regular participation in sports and  martial arts training.


Training hard regularly and continually will definitely help a kid's confidence to grow. This helps them get stronger and better but also helps them learn how to value and achieve things they set their mind to.


It is common for most kids these days to have lack of focus when it comes to communication or even when studying or at task in hand. Martial arts helps sharpen concentration as it can be fast-paced. This helps kids to focus on training which translates in their daily life.

Positive Values

Martial arts will teach your kids respect, discipline and humility. teaches to be respectful to others, being humble, and having self-disciplined.

Self Defense

Learning Self Defense can prevent your child from becoming a victim of bullying ,being able to protect themselves and handle the situation safely without  having to use violence but instead defending themselves. 

Social Skills

Martial arts training for children gives them the opportunity to train and socialise with other kids. Having peers to train with help to motivate each other. Children who train together, stay friends for a long time.

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